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Solotica contact lenses are some of the most popular colored contact lenses across the globe. They are manufactured in Brazil and are extremely natural looking. Their collections Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio, Natural Colors, Solflex and Aquarella are very popular in USA, UK, CA, UAE, Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East Solotica Contact lenses are known as the world's most natural looking contact lenses. They are available different styles and duration of yearly, monthly and daily disposable contact lenses. Hidrocor, Natural Colors Solflex, Hidrocharme and Aquarella Solotica Natural Colors are a yearly lens made from Polymacon with water content of 38%, base curve of 8.7 and diameter of 14.2mm. Solotica Natural Colors are available in prescription ranges from 0.00 to -10.00 and also in toric for astigmatism We are an official Solotica retailer. We sell Solotica lenses at unbeatable prices! £59 for the yearly lenses with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Hazel colored contact lens. Yearly lens. Slight limbal ring. Base Curve: 8.7, Diameter: 14.2mm. Water content: 38%, Material: Polymacon: 62%. Suitable for daily wear for up to one year. Lens case included. No power. With Power

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  1. Buy Solotica Colored Lenses. Free Shipping to USA, Australia & Worldwide, we carry popular styles such as Hidrocor Quartzo, Mel, Cristal and Ocre
  2. We seek constant updating through international partnerships in permanent development of new differentials for our products.With focus and effort, Solótica works to find solutions for ophthalmology, supporting all the professionals working with seriousness to improve vision in all its aesthetic and corrective aspects.In addition to the experience and recognition of customers and consumers, in more than 68 years in the manufacture of contact lenses, Solótica obtained several important.
  3. Medical and colored contact lenses from top brands like Solotica, Anesthesia, Bella... Free delivery to USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East Colored Contacts | Solotica | USA, CA, UK, GCC | Express Deliver
  4. En doğal ve en can alıcı renklere sahip Solotica Renkli Lens dünyanın en ünlü renkli lens markalarının başında gelmektedir. Brezilya'nın en büyük kontak lens üreticisi olan Solotica firması, üstün teknoloji ile ürettiği kontak lenslerini yüksek kalite ve geniş renk yelpazesi ile sunmaktadır
  5. Solotica Aquarella contact lenses are popular all over the world particularly in the countries USA, UK, United Arab Emirates, also in Europe and in the Middle East. We offer worldwide shipping through FedEx courier and can deliver your Solotica Aquarella within 3-5 working days
  6. Solotica features a fabulous collection of coloured contact lenses that can enhance your natural look and personality within seconds. Solotica makes the best natural shades of irises with marvellous patterns. You will find one of the best quality material and style at Solotica coloured contact lenses
  7. g more and more popular also in the United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries. The delivery usually only takes 3-5 working days to any country in the world. In the UAE, we will usually be able to deliver your lenses on the next working da

Welcome to Solotica.com, home to the World's most natural colored contact lenses! We are pioneer's in the field of contact lens manufacture, originating from Brazil and steeped in over 70 years of heritage, we have been manufacturing contact lenses since 1949 Solotica lenses, made in Brazil. Buy Solotica lenses online Hidrocor, Natural. Free delivery within UAE, Express international delivery. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. +971(02)5755923 support@lenstore.ae; Save 100 When you spend 500. Los lentes Solotica Hidrocor están hechos de Polymacon con un contenido de agua del 38%. Todos ellos tienen una curva de base de 8.7 y un diámetro de 14.2 mm. Todas los lentes Solotica Hidrocor están aprobados por la FDA y la CE

Your #1 Contact Lens Destination. Buy Solotica Colored Lenses. Express worldwide shipping to USA, Canada, Europe & Worldwide Hazel colored contact lens; Daily disposable lens; Base Curve: 8.7, Diameter: 14.2mm; Water content: 58%, Material: Hioxifilcon A; Suitable for one-time daily wear; Lenses should be disposed of after wea Solotica Lenses - مجموعة من ألوان عدسات سولوتيكامجموعة من ألوان عدسات سولوتيكا البرازيلية المميزة - العدسات الأفضل.

Order Solotica colored contact lenses online. Solotica Hidrocor, Hidrocharme, Natural Colors, Solflex The beauty about Solotica Coloured Contact Lenses is that they emphasise the natural beauty that the eyes behold. With a longevity and vibrancy of up to 12 months, Solotica Coloured Contact Lenses are designed to add depth and life to your eyes BAAAABES!!OMG these contacts are literally toooo die for!!! I hope you like this video and do not forget my coupon code for cash off!!!Vision Marketplace web..

Solótica Educa Online. Aprenda sobre as características, indicações e aplicações dos produtos desenvolvidos pela empresa e amplie seus conhecimentos sobre lentes de contato. Desenvolvido pela Solótica, é um programa de treinamento e capacitação em lentes de contato, favorecendo o aprendizado de qualidade Color Comparison, Solotica Collection, Solotica Hidrocor Contact Lenses, Solotica Natural Color Contact Lenses, Solotica Hidrocharme Contact Lenses, Brown Collection, Grey Collection, Blue Collection, Green Collection, Solotica Hidrocor Ocre, Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo, Solotica Hidrocor Mel, Solotica Hidrocor Topazio, Solotica Hidrocor Grafite. Why didn't I try these earlier! These contacts were soo comfortable I wore them for about 8 hours with no dryness or irritation at all. HIGHLY recommend grab.. Solotica.com. @aishasslooks makeup transformation to a broken doll is mindblowing! Those marble green eyes are Solotica Hidrocor Jade contact lenses. Play with your looks now with the most natural colored contact lenses in the world. Link is in our bio @solotica to order with express delivery

Solotica Lenses Jordan, Amman, Jordan. 5,801 likes · 6 talking about this. ‎مركز بيع عدسات سولوتيكا البرازيلية وأنستازيا الكورية في المملكة الاردنية الهاشمية طبي | تجميلي خدمة التوصيل متوفرة لجميع.. 6,927 Followers, 6,608 Following, 508 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from متجر سولوتيكا للعدسات (@solotica.lenses

solotica lenses. تسليم فوري(مكه،جده.الطائف)في نفس اليوم بسعرلتواصل0561915507 انستازيا،سولوتيكا،لوريال.ذهبب Solotica Official Lenses Hi #LRFam, we're the no. 1 trusted retailer for authentic Solotica lenses! ☺️ Free Worldwide Shipping SHOP NOW ⤵️ www.lensrepublica.co Solotica lenses are available in three styles Hidrocor, Natural, and Hidrocharme. Hidrocor is the most opaque and most natural looking and does not have a limbal ring. Natural is less opaque than Hidrocor and has a light limbal ring or border with black accents across the colourized area. Hidrocharme has a defined dark limbal ring and is equal. 159k Followers, 29 Following, 1,159 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Solotica Lenses USA (@solotica_usa

Solotica Lenses. Solótica is the pioneer manufacturer of contact lenses in Brazil and one of the best brands in the world. Solótica has been producing its innovated visual correction-Products for more than 70 Years. Solótica obtained several important certifications in Brazil and Worldwide, which attest to the high quality and safety of its. Solotica contact lenses its here. Hidrocor, Natural Colors, Solflex Natural Colors, and more brands. Worldwide delivery with the best price Address: Beauty Hooked Head Quarters. 227 Y Block Commercial Area, Phase 3, DHA, Lahore. Address: Beauty Hooked Branch Office. Suite 203, 61-C, Street 5, Zulfiqar.

Solotica colore vos yeux de la couleur que vous souhaitez ! Grâce à leur qualité, les lentilles Solotica sont devenues des références dans le monde de la mode et des lentilles cosmétiques. Avec un effet ultra naturel, elles habillent votre œil d'une couleur sublime. Les lentilles Solotica sont disponibles avec ou sans correction Solotica lenses are worlds most natural eye lenses, this lenses are color contact lenses. They are super natural and nobody can see that they are color cotact lenses. The lenses has an unique pigmentation and coloring technique. Most of the people buy lenses for different famous brands, but all this brands are not the same as the Solotica. Solotica is a Brazilian brand created in 1949. Solotica offers comfortable and natural contact Lenses. If you have Dark Eyes, these Lenses will cover your eyes for a sublime natural effect. There are 5 collections Solotica : Solotica Hidrocor Monthly, Solotica Hidrocor Yearly, Solotica Hidrocor Rio, Solotica Naturalcolors and Solotica Solflex. Solotica lenses have been described as the most natural looking coloured contacts in the world. Combining pioneering technology with beautiful pigments and opaque colours''. Natural Lenses. Our natural range displays a slight limbal ring around the outer eye. Natural Ocre. $139.00 USD. Natural Mel. $139.00 USD عدسات solotica تحسين مجال رؤيتك ويمكن أن تساعد في تحقيق أسلوب حياة سهل مع قيود أقل من استخدام النظارات. وهي متوفرة في أشكال مختلفة بناءً على معدل الاستخدام والتخلص منها

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  1. VIALLURE OPTICAL LTDA. CNPJ: 28.751.608/0001-77 Inscrição Estadual: 118.576.786.119. R. do Oratório, 1445 - Mooca - São Paulo - SP - Brazil - CEP: 03117-00
  2. Solotica colored contact lenses are the most opaque lenses in the Solotica range, with no limbal ring. Hidrocor Cristal has a grey tone and is slightly darker than Hidrocor Quartzo. It is the second lightest lens in the collection that will transform your look by giving it a gorgeous crystal light bluish grey appearance
  3. The price of Solotica Contact Lenses depends on the length of wear and collection of the lenses. Solotica Aquarella is a daily disposable contact lens hence it is the cheapest. Natural Colors, Hidrocor, and Hidrocor Rio are yearly disposables and they are highly cost-effective as they last throughout the year

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Solotica is famous for its special colors. So that some color lens brands started to define their colors as Solotica colors. Striking colors in contact lenses often create an artificial appearance that makes you notice that there are color lenses in the eyes. Here is the difference between Solotica Solotica Color Contact Lenses are one of the world's most natural looking color contact lenses. Manufactured in Brazil for over 68 years Solotica has been a pioneer in the research and development of color contact lenses that can transform your eye color without being detected and as naturally and comfortably as possible. No other contact lens manufacturer in the world had come close to.

Solotica Natural Colors are the least opaque lenses in the Solotica range, with a thin and light grey limbal ring. Solotica Natural Colors contact lenses are available in many different colors - ice, mel (honey), ocre (hazel), graphite, quartzo, topazio, crystal, amber, hazelnut (avela). Availability: In Stock - Usually ships within 48 hours The Solotica Natural Colors colored contact lenses are disposable contact lenses with 1 year durability after opened. To maintain the contact lens durability it is very important to follow the lens care instructions provided by your eye doctor, always cleaning it with a high quality solution for a comfortable experience Solotica Prescription Lenses are available in stock at luxelenses.com. Solotica Hidrocor, Natural, and Hidrocharme contact lenses with prescription powers ready to ship immediately to all destinations worldwide. We offer fast delivery with FedEx Priority within 3-4 business days.Order your Solotica prescription lenses at luxelenses.com for fast reliable shipping to your door

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Beautiful Brazilian colored contact lenses. Solotica, Hidrocor, Natural Colors and more. First wholesale store in Brazil, since 2004. Worldwide shipping Solotica Hidrocor Prescription lenses are available in the following 9 colors: Hidrocor Crystal, Hidrocor Ice, Hidrocor Quartzo, Hidrocor Graphite, Hidrocor Ocre,Hidrocor Mel, Hidrocor Ambar, Hidrocor Avela, Hidrocor Topazio and Hidrocor Azul. Select the color from the above list to see the image. *1 pair means the box contains 2 contact lenses. Shop Solotica Hidrocor Yearly Color Contact Lenses. Available with prescription power or without. Shop Online Fast 3 Day Shipping Worldwide and USA

Solotica Hidrocor Ocre (anual) 89,00 € - 99,00 €. Añadir a la lista de deseos. +. Vista Rápida Vision Marketplace is the most easy and convenient way to purchase your contact lenses online - Adore, Soleko, Waicon Bella, Solotica and more اشتري سولوتيكا ناتشورال كولور ‫(الألوان الطبيعية) عدسات لاصقة تجميلية ملونة سنوية- اللون الرمادي الكرستالي , النوع: سولوتيكا على كان بكام.كوم , تعرف على أفضل سعر ومواصفات المنت

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  1. Soft contact lenses, with variety of curves and diameters, ensuring successful fitting for most of the users. It is indicated for correction of myopia, farsightedness, low astigmatism (spherical equivalent) and presbyopia. The option with smaller diameter is indicated for users with small eyelids and small cornea diameter (children)
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  3. UPDATED DISCOUNT CODE for 10% off: VARTIKAOpen me for more information!Hey everyone! I'm so happy to do this review for you. I have been a supporter for Solo..
  4. Solotica blends many exciting colors and a special unique technique to create the most subtle, natural and realistic colored contact lenses available. Solotica Hidrocharme are middle opacity lenses, with a thick limbal ring. Hidrocharme contact lenses are available in many different colors - azul (blue), mel (honey), verde (green), marine, ocre.
  5. Colored Contact Lenses Solotica HIDROCOR Yearly Grey (Grafite) Add to Cart. US$68.98 Price: Colored Contact Lenses Solotica HIDROCOR Yearly Hazel (Ocre) Add to Cart. US$68.98 Price: Colored Contact Lenses Solotica HIDROCOR Yearly Hazelnut (Avelã) Add to Cart. US$68.98 Price
  6. Solotica lenses are the most natural looking color contact lenses in the world and are used by many celebrities, makeup artists and bloggers. Hidrocore is the most opaque style from the Solotica collection which means that it offers the highest coverage of your natural eye color and is especially perfect for dark colored eyes
  7. ‎Solotica Lenses Dubai عدسات سولوتيكا دبى‎. 17K likes. ‎موقع متخصص لبيع عدسات سولوتيكا البرازيليه بالامارات التوصيل مجانى والدفع عند الاستلام للطلب التواصل على رسائل الصفحه او واتساب 00971503644533

Solótica Hidrocor Monthly Hazel (Ocre) - two lenses. US$29.00. Price: Show More Products. Showing 1 - 12 of 40 results. Show 12 24 36 48 60 All. 12 Lentes de contacto de color Solótica: Hidrocor y Natural Colors. Distribuidor autorizado México - Solótica México, lentillas originales de Brasil Solotica is a Brazil-based lens manufacturing company that was established in 1949. It has been making natural-looking hued quality contact lenses with beautiful patterns since it came into being. Solotica takes care of all the colored contact lens needs with its unique breathtaking collections

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The beauty about Solotica Coloured Contact Lenses is that they emphasise the natural beauty that the eyes behold. With a longevity and vibrancy of up to 12 months, Solotica Coloured Contact Lenses are designed to add depth and life to your eyes. Sign up to Eyes of Solotica as a member today to receive our member exclusive offers and promotions Solotica blends many exciting colors and a special unique technique to create the most subtle, natural and realistic colored contact lenses available. Solflex Natural Colors contact lenses are available in many different colors: quartzo, esmeralda, topazio, crystal, mel (honey), ocre (hazel), verde (green). Manufacturer: Solotica Solotica hydrocor original quality lenses Solotica lenses fit sensitive eyes. ️ Fits dark eye colors and distinguishes from other lenses that their colors match the natural color of the eyes. ️ Provides the greatest eye comfort possible, as it is equipped with a moist surface that maintains the teary eye membrane solotica lenses online. we recommend opting for dhl express shipping at checkout for fast deliver Welcome to Solotica UK, official suppliers of Solotica Coloured Contact Lenses. Feel free to browse our range of fast selling cosmetic & prescription contact lenses. Free fast worldwide shipping is included in the price! Visit our Instagram page @solotica_uk or our Facebook page Solotica UK to view how the lenses look on our customers

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  1. Full SOLÓTICA® collection. Solótica® lenses are the best and most natural looking in the world. The 'Hidrocor' line does not have a limbal ring, and the 'Natural Colors' line has a thin limbal ring. View Grid List. Hidrocor Ocre
  2. Solotica color contact lenses provide a safe and unique way to enhance your appearance. Solotica blends many exciting colors and a special unique technique to create the most subtle, natural and realistic colored contact lenses available. Solotica Hidrocor are the most opaque lenses in the Solotica range, with no limbal ring
  3. Buy Authentic SOLOTICA Coloured Contact Lenses. Hidrocor, Hidrocharme & Natural. Most natural color contact lenses. Free express shipping* Shop NOW
  4. We are an online store that specializes in the sale of contact lenses and contact lens accessories. Our products stand for a natural change in eye color. We only sell high quality colored contact lenses from well-known manufacturers such as Solotica, Anesthesia or Bella
  5. Introducing the new OTAKU LENS colour contact lenses collection. The perfect fit for the in betweeners. We have listened to all your feedback and now we bring to you 7 new and amazing colours! Let's nut out and tell you a little bit about them :)1. DESIRE HONEY I'll start off with the colour 'Desire Honey'..Inspired b
  6. Our most popular styles are Hidrocor Quartzo, Mel, Ocre, Cristal & NC Quartzo. Our contacts are worn by many celebrities and bloggers such as Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Pia Mia, Huda Beauty and many more

SOLOTICA WEBSITE: https://www.solotica.com/10% DISCOUNT CODE: BETHI am so excited to show you my new Solotica colored contacts! I firmly believe these are t.. Kylie Jenner wears Solotica Color Lenses . I take, like, 500 selfies to get one I like. Kylie Jenner. Everyone knows Kylie Jenner ! She is a model, a boss, a Instagram's Queen and an accomplished young woman and mother ! Kylie is a model for a lot of people. Always at the forefront of fashion, Kylie often wears Color Lenses (Yeessss, it's. Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo - Yearly Contact Lenses, -2.25 price from souq in Saudi Arabia. Compare prices and shop online now. Solotica Color Contact LensesSolotica Hidrocor Quartzo - Yearly Contact Lenses , without outline, 1 pair of lenses without POWER, Suitable for cosmetic us Solotica lenses are one of the most well-known brands of color contact lenses in the market and very popular in the USA, UK, France, Australia, and Canada What are Solotica contact lenses? Solotica contacts, produced by Solotica in Brazil are one of the leading brands of contact lenses, since 1949, and are recognized worldwide

Solotica Natural Colors 'Topazio' Jahreslinsen 2x Linsen / 1x Paar Lieferzeit: 1-3 Werktag solotica lenses online us. we recommend opting for dhl express shipping at checkout for fast deliver

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  1. Solotica lenses have a long wear time and do not cause any irritation throughout the day. The 5-star Solotica lenses reviews online and popularity caused an increased demand for these lenses among women. Ainak.pk stocks a variety of power lenses, colored lenses, and transparent lenses in the best quality..
  2. Solotica Hidrocor Lenses are available as monthly and yearly. Monthly lenses can be worn daily for up to one month and yearly lenses can be worn yearly for up to 1 year. Hidrocor lenses are the most opaque in the Solotica range and cover your natural eyes color the most
  3. Solotica is a Brazil-based lens manufacturing company that was established in 1949. It has been making natural-looking hued quality contact lenses with beautiful patterns since it came into being. Solotica takes care of all the colored contact lens needs with its unique breathtaking collections
  4. A bright lens that offers a unique blend of yellow/green with a dash of hazel. More of a yellow green lens than a hazel. For those who want a slightly darker lens that has some more hazel to their green lens, it is best to look into Solotica Natural Colors Ambar. Color Category Green Hazel, No Limbal Ring. Express shipping worldwide. USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Brazil, Asia, Dubai, Middle East

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Mar 29, 2017 - Explore Luxe Lenses's board Solotica Lenses On Celebrities, followed by 383 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about solotica lenses, beauty, hair beauty Solotica Lenses Hidrocor Reviews 48 • Poor . 1.8. In the Beauty & Well-being category soloticalens es.co.uk. Visit this website soloticalens es.co.uk. Write a review. soloticalens es.co.uk. See business transparency Write a review. Write a review.

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Some Solotica contacts reviews point out that any Solotica colored contact lens product comes with 2 outlines, with or without POWER, is the most natural lenses in the market. Therefore, according to our Solotica contacts review, you can buy either prescription Solotica colored contact lenses or non-prescription ones and still get the. Order your contact lens brand in an easy convenient way, online, or by calling 800contacts. Colored Lenses, Clear Lenses. Fast delivery in UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi, Bahrain. Worldwide Express Delivery

Solotica Hidrocor Rio Ipanema. Be the first to review this product. Availability: Immediate delivery. Minimum Purchase Quantity: 1 lens. From $34.49 To $31.04 Price For lens Solotica Brazilian lenses in Jordan 100% original WhatsApp for orders 0796308480. [10/30/18] سولوتيكا هيدروكور Rio الجديدة. The newest Solotica hidrocor Rio. مدة الصلاحية: سنة. عدسات سولوتيكا البرازيلية - الاصدار الجديد ٢٠١٨ (شكل العلبة الجديد. Discover short videos related to hidrocor lenses on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: Catpuns(@cat.puns), Nathalia Fao(@nathaliafao), Lustrous Angels(@lustrousangels.uk), Jessica Wilson(@_jessicawilson), Solotica_melbourne(@solotica_melbourne) . Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #hidrocorlenses, #hidrocoloides, #hyrdrocolloidbandages, #hidencolor, #hinodecorps.

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Solotica Melbourne & Otaku by Billionaire Beauties. 4 hrs · Are you ready to steal the show?. Solotica Hidrocor Contact Lenses Ocre; Solotica Hidrocor Contact Lenses Ocre. Be the first to review this product. Availability: Immediate delivery . Minimum Purchase Quantity: 2 lens . From $34.49 To $31.04 Price For lens . Free Shipping for all countries on orders over 199.99 USD

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How it wears: Limbal Ring, Least Opaque, Translucent Natural Looking Lens Material: 62% Polymacon Hydration: 38% Diameter: 14.2 mm Base curve: 8.7 Degree: PLANO 0.00 Degree Manufacturer: Solotica Brazil What it contains: 1 pair of MONTHLY lenses + Lens Case Solotica Lenses are the most natural looking lenses in the world and are used by many celebrities, makeup artists and bloggers Nossa Empresa. Hoje com mais de 150 colaboradores em São Paulo, Brasil, uma filial em Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais e 17 centros de distribuição em todo território brasileiro, a empresa apresenta amplo portfólio de produtos desenvolvidos para atender praticamente qualquer necessidade de correção visual com lentes de contato de alta. Solotica lenzen kopen? Dat doet je bij de Solotica lenzen specialist Almas Lenses. Al meerdere jaren zijn wij gespecialiseerd in Solotica lenzen en kopen wij Solotica lenzen direct van de officiële fabrikant. Hierdoor kunnen wij je een scherpe prijs aanbieden en de top kwaliteit van Solotica garanderen

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Solotica Hidrocor Ocre Lens on Very Very Dark Eyes - YouTubeDesio Lens Contact Lenses Review | Makeup & HairBEFORE & AFTER – Solotica & Otakulens By Billionaire BeautiesNew! Solotica Hidrocor Mel & Ambar 2017 - YouTube